Crafting Investment Excellence

Cephir Analytics represents a bunch of rather more than less professional analysts (the job, not the career level) around systematic trading and investing themes. From deep value fundamental methods to quantitative arbitrage, we´ve seen and done it all. There are a lot of investment services out there, helping (or not) professional and retail investors archieving their goals. If you are lucky enough to have found someone that recommended you an ETF instead of the deep out of the money 0DTE put option on some ever growing index, good for you. You probably belong to the winners. If you opted for the latter, you should probably either leave now or accept that money doesn´t grow fast but steady over time. Having said that, we are certainly on the risk taker side and want to provide what we feel is missing out there. The extra bit of spice in your meal. Join us on the ride and become a member.

What we offer

What we expect

We do not provide investment advice but are aiming to give insight and lessons around exotic, high-risk speculative bets that could be used to allocate a minimal amount of your portfolio to achieve advanced risk/return profiles and real economic and strategic diversification advantages. With high risk must come proper risk mangement.

Our offerings target professional investors and advisers as well as advanced retail investors. At the bare minimum you should be able to understand basic financial and derivatives concepts. We will explain the rest. The aim is to use the knowledge we provide to improve your own thinking around investing implementation.

“Markets rode me like a cheap hooker and left me with my pants down”

– Some guy in finance

How it works and why its for free

We want to offer expertise and insights to everyone. Investing does not have to be complex nor complicated. However, knowing that you don´t know is essential. The highest level of sophistication might not grant unconditional success in the world of finance but it does allow to understand the why a lot better. A key lesson in investing and economics taught us that while searching for profit, risk is unavoidable. It can be shifted from one side to another, from market risk to counterparty risk to operational risk but you cannot get rid of it entirely. It is part of investing in the same way as it is part of our lives. We accept that and want to make sure to extract as much of the upside that the cost in terms of risk will allow. Whether you enter an outright long position, collect volatility premiums or hedge your ETF savings plan, the risk is there may it be obvious or not. What we try to do is to be aware of the risk and use it for optimal outcome. Further, we do not want to guide you through the forrest step by step but merely provide some routes so that you can find your own way – and share it with the community.

Where the base of our research and model approach is mostly rules-based, we believe that true insight and value can only be found with the integration of a discretionary perspective. We offer access to our insights via two routes, the Global Momentum view and our Discretionary Opportunities.

Our analytics are completely free. You just become a member to receive your own login and you will get access to all our insights. All of us invest their time and efforts into Cephir with full intrinsic motivation. We got together to build on our passion and want to share our expertise to create a sophisticated investing and trading community that will teach us lessons we would not otherwise find. We do not provide investment advice and are purely sharing our own views.

If our plans either helped you directly or indirectly you can support us by leaving a small donation for our efforts and to keep Cephir analyzing.